PaNETma offers FAST (from 2 to 2500 Mbps) symmetric (same down/up speed) internet connectivity in/near Panama City and many other areas in the Republic of Panama.
Our broadband service is not cheap, but it is affordable, and it works perfectly with VoIP, online video, big downloads, P2P, and large multiplayer games.
We provide the best cost-to-benefit ratio (value) in the country with superior services backed by amazing support.

The service is available to residences, businesses, government entities, and anyone who wants reliable fast Internet.

COVID-19 Update: All PaNETma systems, services, and networks are operating normally. We continue to provide technical support and perform new installations.

Connectivity is delivered using advanced terrestrial (no satellites) wireless technology that minimizes installation time and maximizes uptime.
A high speed Internet signal is sent from one or more transmitters and picked up by a receiver which is mounted on the outside wall or roof of your home or building.
Our network, which we own and control, is independent of any telephone or cable systems and wires.
We are positioned to provide service to the remotest areas and even to islands with no infrastructure or electricity.

PaNETma service is currently available to locations in and around Panama City, Colon, La Chorrera, Altos del Maria, Coronado, Cerro Azul, Pearl Islands, and Bocas del Toro.
Current lead time for site surveys and new installations is three (3) to five (5) days.
If you have any questions or would like to get connected, send an email to sales \at/ Remember to include your exact location.

Residential and SoHo Pricing in/around Panama City

Guaranteed Connection Speed (from/to Internet) Monthly Cost Installation Fee
Low-Rise  High-Rise
2+ Mbps (2000+ kbps) 4 Mbps $80 $50
3+ Mbps (3000+ kbps) 6 Mbps $100 $50
4+ Mbps 8 Mbps $120 $50
5+ Mbps 10 Mbps $140 $80
6+ Mbps 12 Mbps $160 $80
7+ Mbps 14 Mbps $180 $80
8+ Mbps 16 Mbps $210 $250
9+ Mbps 18 Mbps $240 $250
10+ Mbps 20 Mbps $270 $250
11+ Mbps 22 Mbps $300 $250
12+ Mbps 24 Mbps $330 $250
13+ Mbps 26 Mbps $370 $250
14+ Mbps 28 Mbps $410 $250
15+ Mbps 30 Mbps $450 $250
Up to 2500 Mbps Custom Quotation Custom

For large projects, high speed Internet access and private networks ARE available outside our normal coverage areas.
As an online service provider, we also offer server colocation and dedicated hosting in downtown Panama City.

Please email us for details to sales \at/
We prefer email but can also be reached by phone at 507-202-6888 (Panama) or 1-813-200-5841 (USA).

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Existing customer? Visit the PaNETma Client Portal or PaNETma Speedtest. Or maybe you want to contact sales?

Coverage recently verified in:  El Cangrejo, Area Bancaria, Canal Zone, Balboa, Ancon, San Francisco, Coco del Mar, Costa del Este, Chanis, Punta Pacifica, Punta Paitilla, Casco Viejo and Casco Antiguo, Taboga, El Dorado, Dos Mares, La Loceria, Villa de las Fuentes, Pacora, Obarrio, Cerro Azul (partial), Marbella, Curundu, Albrook, Howard AFB, Panama Pacifico, Ciudad del Saber and City of Knowledge, Embassy Gardens and Embassy Club, San Fernando, Colon, Maria Chiquita, San Marino Ocean Front, Bocas del Toro, Tocumen, Mananitas, Brisas Del Golf, Altos del Golf, Clayton, La Cresta, Archipiélago de las Perlas and Pearl Islands, Saboga, Contadora, El Crisol, Punta Chame, La Chorrera, Arraijan, Sora, Altos del Maria, San Carlos, Costa Esmeralda, Rio Mar, Gamboa and elsewhere.

Last Updated: April, 2020.
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